At long last

Hey everyone,

just a quick post to let you know what is happening with my life and music.

As you can see this is my first post on this new and improved website. I will be updating this site soon with all my social media links and also links for free podcast downloads.

In the meantime please feel free to email me and follow me on Twitter  and also listen to my radio show every Wednesday on GodsDJs Radio. Check here for full broadcast details



About Karl Forde

Karl Forde, producer of Electronic Dance Music currently has over 30 tracks and remixes released. His debut track, "Eternal Future" was released on October 16, 2007 with Deeplife Records, Followed by the release of the "Eternal Future Album" on Feburary 14, 2008. The album includes an exclusive remix of "You Were On His Mind" by Dj Ru from Aloft Studios, United Kingdom. Karl Forde released a 4 track EP in October of 2008 entitled "Fallen Behind" and also released new tracks in late 2009 called "The Return", and "The Final Judgment". He worked on several projects in 2010, including remixing tracks from artists such as Dima, Steve Wade, Science Drop, Ampkontrol, D.Gital, Levi Whalen, and MrX. He released another track out on the late PWM Records called "Beyond Eternity". 2011 brings new and exciting things for Karl Forde, as he is working on brand new tracks, remixes, and currently has 2 online radio mix shows. Karl Forde's Fusion 22 airs every Wednesday Nights from 9-11 PM EST on Gods Dj's Radio and every 2nd Saturday of the month, "Holy Vibes" 4-5 PM EST on God Radio Greece. Karl Forde released a brand new track 9/19/2011 called "In The End Of Times", and remixes of Levi Whalen-The Maker. In stores now. 2012 Karl Forde released his brand new tracks Walking By Faith and Karl Forde and Curcar White -Save Me. 2013 Brings Karl Forde & Matthew J Bentley-No Other Love and Karl Forde-Spiritual Warfare. Karl Forde is also Ceo/President of Deepsink Digital CEDM Record Label. Be on the look out for more from Dj/Producer Karl Forde in the near future. Tracks Released: Steve Wade (Wiggle Funk) Karl Forde Remix Ampkontrol-Come Let Us Adore Him (Karl Forde Progressive Trance Mix) Ampkontrol-Eternal love (Karl Forde Love Mix) D.Gital - Majusi (Karl Forde Power Trance Remix) Dj Dima (tried this tried that) Karl Forde Trance Break Mix Fher Vizzuett - Jesus Messiah (Karl Forde Energy Remix) Levi Whalen -The Maker (Karl Fforde love Remix MilesanMiles (Traveler) Karl Forde Trance Break Mr. x (Ghetto Blaster) Karl Forde Rremix Science Drop (The Sound) Karl Forde remix Sonarzone-Utopia (Karl Forde Heaven Remix) Science Drop (This Is My Electro) Karl Forde Electro Break Mix Karl Forde-The Final Judgment (Original Mix) Karl Forde-In The End Of Times (Original Mix) Karl Forde-Walking By Faith (Original Mix) Karl Forde & Curcar White-Save Me (Original Mix) Karl Forde & Matthew J Bentley-No Other Love Karl Forde-Spiritual Warfare Sciencedrop (The Pioneer) Karl Forde Remix Karl Forde-Reason (Original Mix) Karl Forde-Eternal Future (Original Mix) Karl Forde-You Were On His Mind (Original Mix) Karl Forde-All Things (Original Mix) Karl Forde-Believe In Him (Original Mix) Karl Forde- It Is Finished (Original Mix) Karl Forde-Sadness Will Follow (Original Mix) Karl Forde-The Choice (Original Mix) Karl Forde-The Spirit Of Truth (Original Mix) Karl Forde-Blessings (Original Mix) Karl Forde-Fallen Behind (Original mix) Karl Forde-God Said So (Original Mix) Karl Forde-The Day Of Hope (Original Mix) Karl Forde-Life (Original Mix)
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